JR Automation

JR Automation Technologies, Holland MI, and Dane Systems, Stevensville MI, make up the automation units of the Huizenga Group of manufacturers in west Michigan. JR and Dane combine decades of success in providing engineered production machines and automation worldwide. Both companies have placed much emphasis on emerging markets, especially energy.

“For this type of work, we’re postured pretty well, with 250 employees, of which 70 are degreed engineers. This is kind of a high-tech product that needs horsepower behind it,” said Jim Kramer, director of sales and marketing at JR Automation.

Sister company, Dane Systems, built existing assembly lines at Johnson Controls and is now working on assembly equipment for the lithium-ion battery facility.

“We’re working to support the suppliers who put equipment into batteries. These local suppliers are the key to our future,” noted Scot Lindemann, vice president of operations at JR Automation.

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