Why Choose AES?

West Michigan is the epicenter of Advanced Energy Storage.  This is an industry of opportunity.

People with a variety of skills are in high demand, with 10,000 new jobs and $2 billion in investment projected to take place in Michigan’s SmartCoast by the year 2020.  These are good-paying jobs, with economic security and opportunity. AES companies have committed to west Michigan; we are committed to fill their workforce needs.  Consider being a part of the AES industry in Michigan’s SmartCoast.

How Powerful is a Battery?

What could it do? Could it jump start an industry? Check out this video to find out:

Careers In AES

Advanced Energy Storage is 21st Century manufacturing with jobs are set in clean-room or control room environments. These jobs are here and now. Prepare yourself for this great opportunity. Click here to download the Careers Brochure.

Great Opportunities

The AES industry provides great opportunities for people who are unemployed, or under-employed, or need some up-skill training. There is a premium on forward-thinkers and problem solvers who can thrive in this advanced manufacturing environment.

And you may already have some of the skills and certifications needed for employment.

Start today. Find your Pathway and prepare yourself for a career in Advanced Energy Storage.

Skills Sought

Skills being sought by companies in this area can be developed through degree programs at colleges such as GRCC and through the custom training being developed for local industry businesses to be taught on-site.

Some of the core skills for this industry include:

  • automation
  • clean-room experience
  • hazardous material handling
  • electrical engineering principles
  • manufacturing processes
  • quality control

Employers are also looking for critical thinkers and problem solvers. If this sounds like you, please read on.